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Welcome to Stage 1 of the Rural Youth Network! We know many people are trying to study and work online at present and we have developed this site to be helpful to you! Given the challenges in the world and in the spirit of community building and collaboration we are sharing this resource with everyone.

We provide resources in good faith and we expect everyone to interact respectfully and generously. Please be conscious of your privacy and wellbeing when you post.

Here you can find:

  • Resource Hub which contains resources to help with online learning and study generally. There is a discussion place where you can ask comments and questions and others can reply.
  • Virtual Learning Community which contains information about the actual learning systems that you might be using at university, TAFE or with other learning. You can find links to resources and a place to ask questions.
  • Leadership Learning Zone where we will have discussions about leadership and learning and over time this will develop into a place to build leadership skills for now and the future.
  • Motivation and Wellbeing Central which contains links to a whole range of resources to help you keep motivated and well. We will also be running an Open Zoom session for anyone who would like to connect with other people. This will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am EST. You will find a place to state your goals and a place to reflect on your activity over a day or a week.



Youthrive Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that operates in Victoria, Australia. We have over 380 alumni from all over the state. Most are students and/or are working. All our activities are designed and delivered by young rural Victorians for young rural Victorians.

Our Purpose is to strengthen rural communities by supporting young people to be leaders.

Our Mission is that we will collaborate with partners, donors, communities and alumni in delivering services to young rural Victorians that assist them to develop their personal, professional and leadership capacities.

We have been planning the Rural Youth Network with staff from Deloitte for a while and we are pleased that we could bring the launch forward in response to the massive changes facing our world right now.

The resources have been compiled or created by alumni and staff. We present everything to you in good faith, based on our own experiences, research and knowledge. We do not claim to be experts in psychology or technology. We love learning, leading and building communities…so join us on this journey.

If you have comments or feedback please contact [email protected]

Stay safe and well and please abide by all requests from health authorities.

We all have a part to play and we encourage you to be leaders now and in the future.


Dr Maryann Brown

CEO Youthrive Victoria, March 2020.


Resource Hub

Access useful resources about working from home, learning online, maintaining social connection in a virtual world and more!

Virtual Learning Community

Share tips, tricks, ask questions and support one another in the transition to online learning and study. Connect with others working online and share information and resources together.

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Narmbool 2019

Leadership Learning Zone

Access our community of amazing young rural leaders and hear what they have to say about leadership, learn new ways to become a stronger leader in your community and share your leadership tips and inspiration with others.

Motivation & Wellbeing Central

Create a community, stay connected with other young rural Victorians daily and share support, what you are doing and help keep yourself and others motivated.

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Dream Seeds Online Learning Activities

Coming Soon for Term 2

Access a wide range of new online Dream Seeds activities to support year 5 and 6 students with exciting and engaging ways of maintaining learning online.

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