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Supporting young people and their communities

Youthrive Victoria provides opportunities for young rural Victorians to build knowledge, skills, leadership capacity and aspirations. We offer university, vocational and community scholarships; leadership development opportunities; transition, career and community mentoring; aspiration building workshops; virtual connections and wrap around care for young people as they move from school into adult lives. We require funds to operate our programs and we seek financial and pro-bono support.

Youthrive Alumni on steps of Youthrive Office, group photo with 13 members.


Youthrive Victoria provides a range of scholarships to support the education of young people from rural Victoria. It also assists donors and other organisations to establish and administer high-impact rural scholarship programs.


Youthrive Victoria is committed to building leadership capacity in young rural Victorians. We have a broad view of leadership and it includes building skills to help you lead your own life and lead others well.

Group of young leaders walking through a field of grass.

Rural Youth Network

The Rural Youth Network provides an ongoing source of connection, social support, and community tailored for rural youth. Our online platform is a dynamic space dedicated to spotlighting various opportunities and events accessible to young people in their communities, as well as providing a space to connect with other young people and share resources.


We believe having a mentor can make a big difference in life. The purpose of the Youthrive Victoria Mentoring Program is to ensure young rural Victorians are well supported in life after school.

Young leaders group photo.
Two Dream Seeds team members and two participants.

Dream Seeds®

Dream Seeds is a workshop for Year 5-6 students created and presented by Youthrive Victoria Alumni to help build aspiration and ease transition to secondary school.


Youthrive Victoria Alumni members have all participated in one or more Youthrive Victoria programs. We are very proud to have over 500 alumni who have participated in the leadership and/or mentoring programs.

4 Youthrive Alumni having a conversation under a tree.

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