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Supporting young people and their communities

Youthrive Victoria provides opportunities for young rural Victorians to build knowledge, skills, leadership capacity and aspirations. We offer university, vocational and community scholarships; leadership development opportunities; transition, career and community mentoring; aspiration building workshops; virtual connections and wrap around care for young people as they move from school into adult lives. We require funds to operate our programs and we seek financial and pro-bono support.

Youthrive Alumni on steps of Youthrive Office, group photo with 13 members.


Youthrive Victoria provides a range of scholarships to support the education of young people from rural Victoria. It also assists donors and other organisations to establish and administer high-impact rural scholarship programs.


Youthrive Victoria is committed to building leadership capacity in young rural Victorians. We have a broad view of leadership and it includes building skills to help you lead your own life and lead others well.

Group of young leaders walking through a field of grass.
Young leaders group photo.


We believe having a mentor can make a big difference in life. The purpose of the Youthrive Victoria Mentoring Program is to ensure young rural Victorians are well supported in life after school.

Dream Seeds®

Dream Seeds is a workshop for Year 5-6 students created and presented by Youthrive Victoria Alumni to help build aspiration and ease transition to secondary school.

Two Dream Seeds team members and two participants.
4 Youthrive Alumni having a conversation under a tree.


Youthrive Victoria Alumni members have all participated in one of more Youthrive programs. We are very proud to have over 450 alumni who have participated in the leadership and/or mentoring programs.

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