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What is Dream Seeds?

Research shows that some young rural Victorians face barriers to education, participation and developing aspiration. Young people need to  develop a sense of aspiration by the time they reach high school if they are to fully engage in learning and reach their potential.

Dream Seeds® is a workshop created by Youthrive Victoria Alumni to help build aspiration and ease transition to secondary school.

The workshop developed for Year 5 and 6 students aims to show young people that they have the capacity to be the leaders of their own lives, irrespective of their circumstances. The program is focused around three main pillars: aspiration, resilience and connection. Original activities and games build knowledge and skills to help young people create a personal vision and practical pathways to positive futures.

Youthrive Victoria Alumni who have themselves grown up in rural Victoria facilitate the workshop and share their experiences with the primary students.

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DreamSeeds team member and participant working together on a card on the ground.
DreamSeeds team members explaining a card that says "creativity".
DreamSeeds participants doing the puzzle activity.
DreamSeeds team in captivating conversation with two primary students.
DreamSeeds team member with primary school student.
DreamSeeds team with primary school kids.

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