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We know there are many great young rural Victorians looking for work or opportunities to train further and build their skills. We also know there are often many barriers to achieving these goals. To address these issues, Youthrive Victoria and its supporters have created Rural Chances Scholarships.

Rural Chances can help if you:

  • Have to travel long distances or move away from home to gain qualifications, or
  • Struggle with the many expenses associated with training and building your skills, and
  • Want to fill a skills gap in rural Victoria, and
  • Would like mentoring and networking opportunities.

The online application process for Rural Chances scholarships is really simple, and requires you to submit either a written application or a video application. Check out the ‘How to apply‘ page for more info. If you’ve got any questions and can’t find the answer here, please contact us.

Rural Chances scholarships are the vision of a regional philanthropist who has worked closely with Youthrive Victoria to design the scholarships. The aim is to meet the needs of rural communities by providing a skilled and flexible workforce.

What do you get with a Rural Chances Scholarship?

Scholarships valued at $5000 assist young people to move away from their home town or to assist with extensive travel required to complete training qualifications. Rural Chances scholarship recipients will receive extra care from a mentor and leadership and networking opportunities.

Additionally, smaller scholarships of up to $2000 are available for specific items to support training. Applicants must identify what they need, how much it will cost and why they need it to complete their study. These smaller amounts can be used for equipment, course fees, tools of trade, travel costs, materials etc. Recipients will also be offered mentoring and leadership and networking opportunities.


Key Dates for Rural Chances Scholarships

2025 Applications open: 2nd September, 2024

2025 Applications close: 4th November 2024 (Midnight)

2025 Application assessment period: Early/Mid November 2024

2025 Scholarship interviews: Mid/Late December 2024

2025 Scholarship notification of outcome: December 2024

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