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‘The Rural Youth Network is providing a life-changing way for rural young people to connect with each other and possibilities they’d previously been unaware of…..’

‘…It is different because it’s not only about providing opportunities to rural young people for their careers or study, it encourages connecting with their community and fosters connections between people. It’s also about having fun!”  Kitty, RYN team member

It has been an eventful few months for the RYN team. The Rural Engagement Leaders have been connecting with rural communities at a variety of events, where they have successfully shared the RYN with young rural people, community members and potential supporters.

In June, our RYN engagement leaders, Steph, Jarrod and Courtney attended the Careers Expo in Horsham and YACVIC’s Youth Forums in Bairnsdale and Robinvale. We congratulate Steph on her impressive work in representing the Rural Youth Network as a ‘Reshape Our Future’ youth speaker in Robinvale. Youthrive’s 2022 University Scholar, Conor Pall, also had a presence at the Robinvale Youth Forum as an engaging youth speaker and presenter.

We have recently welcomed Courtney Casey and Ella Jacobsen to the RYN team. They will be representing central and north west Victorian regions as Rural Engagement Leaders. Courtney has done significant work on developing RYN connections, updating the Network’s website with 50+ events and opportunities over the past month. Ella has already represented the RYN at various events including the Hamilton Sheepvention in August, where the team enjoyed talking with over 100 people.

In the coming months RYN Engagement leaders will be attending NOVO Youth Council’s Youth Ball in Swan Hill, and the Energy Breakthrough 2022 in Maryborough. Each Engagement Leader is planning to hold a RYN event before the end of the year. This could be run in partnership with a local organisation or led by our RYN team and alumni members from the community. If you would like us to plan an event in your community please contact or phone (03) 62818303.

We have a fabulous team and we congratulate them for their commitment and leadership!


Some comments from the RYN Engagement team…

I think right now there is A LOT of disconnection between young people and when I think of the RYN it empowers me to make a change and help young people connect with each other and their communities.


The RYN is going to help so many young people go big places and achieve their goals. There is simply no other website out there made for this purpose, which backs it up with in person support and encouragement!


The Rural Youth Network is what I needed when I was transitioning from my rural town to further education in the city.


When I think of The Rural Youth Network I am so excited to have all of the opportunities for rural young people in one place.


The Rural Youth Network doesn’t treat our rural roots as a disadvantage, it celebrates our rural communities and encourages us to do so as well.


If you are a young rural person interested in engaging with events, career and mentoring opportunities or social connections within your local community, then sign up to the Rural Youth Network today. You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on upcoming news and events.

If you would like to partner, support or donate to the Rural Youth Network, please contact Youthrive Victoria’s CEO, Dr Maryann Brown at (0439463333) or click here to read more about becomming a donor in our Supporter Prospectus. To find out more about the RYN you can look at the website at or use the RYN QR code below.