Dream Seeds update

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This year the Dream Seeds® program was fortunate to receive funding from the Collier Charitable Fund to develop a website to support its workshops. Rohan Gerrard (from Beaufort and now studying Design at Swinburne) has been appointed to lead the project and work with the web developer and some Year 6 classes. The website will provide additional information about activities from each workshop and will support the transition to high school. We are excited that Dream Seeds® has also received a grant from the Andrews Foundation to add interactive games to the website.

Dream Seeds® workshops are being run in East Gippsland in from 17-19 June and the Shepparton region from 22 July. The award-winning workshop is for Year 6 students. Find out more. If the school is a P-12 our Alumni presenters are very happy to spend time with senior students talking about life after school. Please contact info@dreamseeds.org.au for more information.

DreamSeeds at Mount Pleasant Primary.
DreamSeeds at Mount Pleasant Primary.
DreamSeeds team at Mount Pleasant primary school.