Dream Seeds® Workshops Are Reaching More Rural Communities  

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In March 2021, after being postponed numerous times, we were finally able to deliver our Dream Seeds® workshop to 173 students across six schools in the Gannawarra Shire.

Over three days, our team of six presenters gave Year 5 and 6 students the opportunity to foster their aspirations, explore their values and build their resilience and connections. A massive thank you to Gannawarra Shire Council for funding the Dream Seeds team to visit their community.

The delivery of Dream Seeds® workshops depends entirely on grant funding and donations. We have had support and created partnerships with local governments, Community Banks and most recently the North Central LLEN. If you would like to fund a visit to your area to help young rural people in your community build resilience, and aspirations and stay connected, please get in touch with the Dream Seeds team today. Or if you would like to arrange the Dream Seeds team to visit your school please contact: https://dreamseeds.org.au/contact/ or call 03 6281 8303.