Celebrating our Youthrive Volunteers

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During Volunteer Week in May, we celebrated and acknowledged our amazing volunteers, who continue to work across all Youthrive Victoria programs with pro-bono support.

Thank you to the incredible team who made CresFest such a success. We managed the Youthrive Open Stage, showcasing 17 talented rural performers with the support of 20+ volunteers, who assisted throughout the day. A special thanks to the Engage! grant that helped fund our involvement for the day. We are excited to hear Cresfest will return in 2023! To find out more about the event next year, head to cresfest.com.au. 

We would also like to celebrate the 80 plus volunteers who have helped create the Rural Youth Network to grow over the past four years. With the website now live and exciting plans ahead for 2022, we are grateful for the hard work of every individual who has been involved. Check out The Rural Youth Network at ryn.org.au.

Thank you also to our Young Rural Leadership coaches and Dream Seeds facilitators who kept programs thriving throughout COVID and beyond. Thanks to Rural City of Wangaratta for funding our upcoming June series where we will deliver 5 workshops across 8 schools to approximately 150 grade 5/6 students.

Thank you to all of those who volunteer and help Youthrive Victoria to thrive!

If you would like Dream Seeds to know more about Dream Seeds workshops that build aspiration, resilience and connections for Year 6 students please see the website: www.dreamseeds.org.au and email info@youthrivevic.org.au.