Alumni Update

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Congratulations to our new Alumni committee: Sam McColl (President); Maddy Mersvinskis, Madelief Johnston, Maggie Sessions, Anna Findlay and Jorgie Thompson. Thanks for creating a great program of events for 2021.

Our Barra Nyannee Goopma (Wathaurong language for “Think Do”) leadership day held in February was a great success, providing an opportunity to re-connect, reflect and learn together. We met at City Cite in Melbourne and topics covered included: good governance, committee goal setting, learnings from COVID as well as the development of life skills such as learning about our digital footprint and cybersafety; responding to environmental challenges; personal branding and presentation and volunteering. Alumna, Brigette Byrne, Zoomed in to talk about living and working through the bushfire season and COVID while working for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. This was followed by a panel discussion on life, study and living away from home. Thank you to all our impressive alumni presenters and participants.