Alumni Round Up

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Coming to terms with knowing the Youthrive Victoria alumni wouldn’t be able to meet in person for an unknown amount of time was a challenge and an opportunity for the Alumni Committee…

Our activities are usually based around coming together and making a strong community within this organisation. Having technology at our fingertips, we took it in our stride to try and make the isolation period as enjoyable as possible for all our alumni.


Meeting on Zoom was an advantage to the Alumni committee as we were able to plan, share screens, send links and all have a turn in speaking. Brainstorming ideas was an enjoyable time as we tried to think about how to connect with a wide range of Youthrive Alumni and all their different interests.


We ended up having four different activities to run online. There was the Movie Night with Netflix, a voting system for ‘Pet President’ and ‘Pet Mad Scientist’, a Trivia night, creating pen pals as well as You Can Thrive But Can You Cook? – Cook Off!


Each of the activities brought different skills and they all had a wonderful turnout.


The voting of pet pictures with the theme Pet President, was a laugh as there were some great photos of pets and some friendly competition between pet’s owners. Congratulations to Clyde, the dog, for taking out the title! It followed on with Pet Mad Scientist (which made all the pets look crazy!) and the winner was announced to Richie the sheep!


The movie night was a great chance to pretend you were watching a movie with friends and also had a strong turnout! The chance to talk to others in chat or video and discuss the movie was a great bonding experience, with a range of times allowing many people to join in!


Trivia Tuesday’s had a fantastic turnout and with the competitors brought some strong competition! This was another chance to meet other Alumni in ‘real time’ via Zoom as well as bring you’re A-game to win the weekly competition!


Pen Pals was a great opportunity to introduce yourself to someone you might not know and keep in contact throughout isolation lockdown. Although Australia Post is stacked with parcels and post, receiving a letter from a lovely Alumni member never fails to make people smile!


You can THRIVE but can you Cook? Competition had Alumni getting in their kitchen and getting creative with their hands (and video editing skills), each submitting a video to show their way of cooking either ANZAC biscuits or Spaghetti Bolognese! Winners, Kitty and Maddy & Eva took home the titles of most creative chefs!


The alumni committee really enjoyed thinking and designing these activities and are looking forward to creating more! We are hoping you are all staying home and staying safe and well during these times. Look after your health and we will look after your entertainment!