Celebrating Rural Towns and Placemaking

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Youthrive Victoria’s purpose is to strengthen rural communities by supporting young people to be leaders.

Its mission is to collaborate with partners, donors, communities and Alumni in delivering services to young rural Victorians that assist them to develop their personal, professional and leadership capacities.

Gilbert Rochecouste from Village Well has been a long term supporter of our Young Rural Leaders Program. He shares his deep knowledge of Placemaking with us and we are proud to have incorporated elements of Placemaking in all our activities. We want to celebrate the strength and beauty of rural communities and the value and richness of rural life.  Thank you to Gilbert for sharing his magic and we look forward to continuing to work with him. To learn more about our partnership watch the video below.

We visit many rural towns each year and we are always impressed by the warmth of the welcome and the interesting businesses and public spaces and activities. We want to celebrate rural communities and share some of the fun and interesting things we see. Thank you to all the people and organisations in rural communities who have supported our work and our people this year.

Euroa vintage shirt with different city names on the front.
Christmas tree made out of tyres and a santa sitting in a chair and a car with a red nose on front.
Euroa community bookshop with sign saying it is run by volunteers.
Hay bales decorated to look like Kangaroos pulling a semi truck with santa on bonnet.
Cristmans Newstead coloured hay bales to decorated in Christmas colours.
Charlton shop with christmas decorations up.