Celebrating Refugee Week: Dawood’s Story

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“Hi my name is Dawood Baqiri. I was born in Afghanistan. I came to Australia when I was 18 and I attended the Young Rural Leaders program in 2013. I have worked in the Public Sector industry and now in finance.”


As we all come across many challenges and having to come to terms with many uncertainties along the way, these challenges and changes can get too much but with the right perspective, hard work and a vision for the future, they can be overcome. 

I was very fortunate to have been part of the Young Rural Leaders program which enabled me to realise the importance of perspective and responsibility.

It also taught me the value of leadership, teamwork and utilising any growth opportunities and making better choices. Those short six days that I was part of this awesome program has been a great investment and I would recommend it to the young people out there looking to realise their full potential and thrive!


Thank you Youthrive!