News on The Rural Youth Network

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We are celebrating the launch of the Rural Youth Network, which has been developed by a collective of young rural people for young rural people!

We invite you to visit our Rural Youth Network and welcome participation from young people from rural Victoria and beyond. Join a Zoom session, participate in Goal Setting, find out about different learning, wellbeing and leadership resources, and watch our video to find out more.


In late March, the Rural Youth Network (RYN) was launched online by Youthrive Victoria to support young rural people build a sense of connection and collaboration outside their physical communities to foster their development, motivation, learning and leadership. The RYN was launched earlier than expected due to the urgent need for a platform to support and connect young rural people through the unprecedented challenge of Covid-19.


The exciting new RYN has a variety of capabilities and resources that support young rural people studying and working through this challenging time. The capabilities include:


The Resource Hub

The Resource Hub contains resources about how to work effectively from home, learn online and maintain collaboration in a virtual world. There are discussion spaces where people can comment and discuss online work and study tips, and the useful team collaboration platforms.


Virtual Learning Community

The Virtual Learning Community provides information about learning systems that you might be using at university, TAFE or work (such as Blackboard, Moodle and Zoom). You can find all the resources you need to get help with and be confident in using all learning systems.


Leadership Learning Zone

The Leadership Learning Zone opens the opportunity for discussions about leadership and learning through thought provoking videos. It provides stories of other young rural leaders and their experience during physical isolation. In the near future this will be a space where young rural people post videos to build each other’s leadership skills for now and the future.


Motivation and Wellbeing Central

Motivation and Wellbeing Central contains a whole range of resources to help young people keep motivated and well, including information about creative, social, physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the opportunity is also presented for young rural people to connect via a real-time Zoom call. The Rural Youth Network Zoom Community has had over 28 zoom sessions.