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Dream Seeds has had a big year running workshops with Year 6 students, building aspiration, resilience and connections. In 2019 we have worked with 332 students in 16 workshops across 13 towns in rural Victoria. All facilitators are volunteers and we thank them for their generous contributions.

Rohan Gerrard and his team have developed the new Dream Seeds website that will provide ongoing fun and inspiration to workshop participants, thanks to a grant from Collier Charitable Fund. The Andrews Foundation has provided a grant to create online games to support workshop learning.

Here is a sneak peak at our fantastic new online platform for Dream Seeds, we are really looking forward to launching it to schools in early 2020.

DreamSeeds prototype mockup with leaves in background.

Feedback has been outstanding and if you would like us to visit your school in 2020 please click here.

Thank you to the Dream Seeds Committee for all their work this year and particular thanks to Harry Stannard who has been a major driver in the development of Dream Seeds and steps down this year as a Coordinator.

Mirboo North primary taking group photo with DreamSeeds leaders.
Mirboo North primary during Dream Seeds puzzle activity.
Mirboo North primary during Dream Seeds puzzle activity.