Alumni ‘local legend’ Brady Cronin

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Brady’s story

I’d like to begin by acknowledging and paying my respects to the Traditional Owners and ongoing custodians of the land – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have a rich culture of storytelling. I pay my respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Growing up I had a dream to ‘change the world.’ Whenever I was asked the question “What do you want to do?” I simply replied – ‘I want to make a difference.’ And often people laughed or replied, “It is okay not to know.” Slowly I stopped saying that response and I started to reply, ‘I don’t know, something environmental I guess’ and found people were more satisfied with that response.

However, halfway through my first year of University, I came across Youthrive Victoria Young Rural Leaders program. And long story short, it changed my life and I found my tribe! I had never felt the pure magic that the leadership program creates. It allowed me to re-learn to dream big.

Between then and now, I have run my own mental health awareness programs, started a business making a dry skin cream from the by-product of wine, created an entrepreneurship program which is now used by Monash Tech School and been a part of many Youthrive Victoria programs. I have also gained a place on a social enterprise board and have toured with local Vanuatu nurses and doctors to deliver both oral health and mental health programs in Vanuatu.

I have only achieved these things because of the patience, time, teamwork, love and support that many people have given me, including all the Youthrive Victoria team. If I hadn’t been given the opportunity of the leadership program, I would have continued to say, ‘I don’t know, something environmental I guess,’ and I wouldn’t have experienced such a diverse range of adventures.

Whether you know ‘what you want to do’ or only have a little bit of an idea, or no idea at all, that is okay! In fact, they are all fantastic. My answer currently is “To make a difference and have fun doing it!” So enjoy life, just be the amazing you, dream big, love large and most importantly be happy every step of the way! Reach for the stars, because hey if you don’t get there, the moon is pretty great too.

Brady smiling with sunset behind his head.